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Planning Smart Storage Spaces

Many people, often those who have moved into their first or second home, believe that they have sufficient room to store things. However, even in small homes, space is often limited, and one area that frequently gets overlooked is the storage space. It was considered unnecessary to create special spaces for storing items like books, games, and DVDs in the past. However, as the number of devices in a household increases, the demand for additional storage space also increases.

Planning your storage space takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Use the following steps to plan your storage space and save time and money:

  1. Know your space

Ugh, what to do with all these things that are not being used? You have a lot of things you don’t use, and it keeps piling up-the kitchen junk drawer, the closet, the garage, the basement, the attic, and even your car. And it’s not just stuff that you don’t use; it’s stuff that could be easily reused: those plastic containers of leftover food and clothes, the old faxes, the outdated computer equipment, and the toolboxes. But what do you do with all these things? Layout your room, and map out where all your stuff is going to go. Organize storage space in a house as well as in a basement, garage, utility room, etc. However, after you reorganize your space, try to look for any kind of structural damage that the space might have. For example, if you have water damage in your basement, you might have to call in water and mold damage restoration services to salvage the situation before you turn the space into a storage area. It is always important to take complete stock of the circumstances before you begin a renovation or remodeling project.

  1. Give items a place

Make a list of everything you want to store and prioritize based on how often and where you need it. Most of us have some sort of clutter in our homes, but do we know why? It’s not just a lack of tidiness but also a lack of hierarchy. Items that are not “in use” get put in spaces where you don’t want them – in the dining room, under the bed, in the basement. But some items don’t have to be in those places – they just need to be put in their appropriate places. For instance, people may collect seasoned firewood for winters and dump it all in the garage or basement. However, by employing resources like a firewood rack, they can manage the space more efficiently and keep the wood safe from moisture, bugs, molds and pests.

  1. Have dual-purpose or revolving elements

The role of a home is an important one, and if you’re planning to build or refurbish, you’ll want to put in some thought about how these spaces will be used. That way, your home will be functional and comfortable. Some people might use the term storage furniture to refer to any piece of furniture that we use to store things like books, toys, and art. Still, there’s a specific kind of storage furniture that you may be trying to use to store and organise the things you love to do in your home, and that’s dual-purpose storage furniture.

  1. Add some natural and light features

Many people realise that the best way to achieve a stylish, minimalistic, and functional home is to embrace the idea of light and nature. Being green is more than just a trend; it’s very important. Going green is about being mindful of the impact you are making on the environment, in addition to your health and budget. Being green is about understanding how things work and how to make them work for you, about reducing your footprint on the planet, and about changing the way you think about things.

See how you can bring in some sunlight and maybe some indoor plants into the space. Some indoor plants can also purify the air and keep pollutants away, which means you won’t have to worry about air quality. However, it’s important to keep in mind the existing air quality in your home as it can have a direct impact on you and your family’s health. You could say that one way of being green is ensuring your home is as clean and healthy as possible. When undertaking this home organization project, also consider professional radon testing for the storage space as well as other rooms in the home. Hazardous gases in the house need to be eliminated for you to enjoy moving things around and de-cluttering the space.

If you are looking to save money and make the most of space in your home, then the solution lies in having a smart storage space-one that is organised and well-planned. Whether you are a young couple just starting or an old-timer still living in an old house, there are ways you can utilise storage spaces to your benefit. There are few things more annoying than a cluttered mess in your home. This can take the form of many different things, but one of the biggest culprits is clutter in our home storage spaces. I know from experience, as I have had a hard time tackling this issue. There are some great tools out there that can help you plan efficiently as well as make your home a more organised space. One of my favourite tools is the ‘Smart Storage Spaces’ from SmartThings.

It is important to plan and organise your storage spaces when you organise your home. You need to plan how much space you will need for your home office, bedroom, living room, kitchen, and other rooms. You need to plan before you move in. You need to organise the things you use the most in your home. You need to plan storage spaces so you will not have any problems when you are moving.