This page is just a chance for me to show you my favourite pieces that I have bought so far to put into my new flat. I love looking for different features for my new home and I thought it would be great to show you what kinds of things that I personally enjoy in my comfort space. 

I have four different features that I have picked to show you and if you would like to take inspiration from them I am more than happy for you to do that! You need to make your home as special as you can!

IKEA – VIMLE – £650

This sofa immediately caught my eye when I was looking for furniture. I sprinted to my nearest IKEA and this is what I saw! The colour is gorgeous it is a lovely light blue that I decided that I was going to set as the colour scheme for my living area in my flat. 

The best thing about this sofa is that it doubles as a spare bed so when my little niece or friends come over I can have them stay on a comfy sofa bed instead of on the floor or having to pay to stay in a nearby hotel. 

Wayfair – Wall Art – £65.99

This is the most beautiful piece of art that I have ever come across. This I am putting in my bedroom and I am going to create a warm and tranquil environment using all of these colours. 

I am planning on having a couple of blankets that have pinks and purples all incorporated in them. I also think I’m going to get white bedsheets so that I can layer more colour on top of it. 

Home Looks – Palma Rug – On sale £29.00

As I have a light blue theme I felt that adding in some darker greys would add some depth into the room. I love this rug because it almost looks a bit like an ocean so I feel like it matches the blue theme of the room.

It also gives me a chance to put anything with it as long as it also goes with the blue.

Wall Sauce – Grey Textured Concrete Wallpaper – £30/m2

I bought this for a similar reason to why I bought the rug. I love the textured print and it really goes great with the sofa (you’ll have to take my word on that one!). At one point wallpaper was going out of fashion but now it is one of the most popular choices for any modern room. 

Plus I think it looks great in an office space so that may be something to consider if you also like this print.