Hello everyone! Here is a page all about me and my blog Cutie Patutus! I am currently in my twenties and starting a new venture in the big, exciting city of Manchester. Moving from a small town can be a little daunting so I thought putting together my studio flat whilst working on this blog would be a great idea to get settled into my brand new home. I am someone who loves home comforts and cosy features, so rest assured you will be getting a lot of tips on how to create a warm and homely space. 

I have a lot of time in the evening after work to go on little bargain hunts and trips to the shop to look for new finds for my flat. Plus it’s my first ever flat that I’ve owned on my own! So this is going to be an exciting adventure!

The name of my blog comes from a collection of little things. The word Patutu means “My everything” and we always call my little niece a cutie patootie. So I thought I would combine them together and create a blog that was dedicated to my gorgeous niece who I am going to be missing a lot now that I’ve moved away. But I will definitely be adding some features for her when she stays with her favourite auntie!

Plus this journey for me is everything. I have finally landed my dream job and I feel on top of the world, now all that’s left to do is enjoy the adventure!

The one thing I hope that you get from this blog is a feeling of home. I am so close with my family and our home is our safe space where we can laugh and cry and this is what I want to do for my new home. If this is something that you also hope to gain from your own home then you have come to the right place. 

I am also a very modern kind of person and most of my designs will be inspired by that, but that does not mean that I will not go a little astray with my blog! I’ll be gathering a few tips from some friends also so I can give you the best experience for your home!