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Ways To Make Your AirBnB More Unique

The key to any successful AirBnB is still about the location. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to make it more unique. This is where we will discuss ideas on how you can make your AirBnB more appealing to potential guests.

How Can You Make Your AirBnB More Unique?

If you are a homeowner who is thinking about renting their home on AirBnB, there are some things you should know. First, getting an Airbnb account is free, which means you won’t be losing any money by doing this. You will, however, be renting out your home, which means that you are responsible for maintenance, upkeep, and any other repair/maintenance you may need to do.

To help you more, here are the following ways to make your AirBnB more unique:

  1. Find a unique niche. If you are serious about your AirBnB business, making your property stand out is crucial. Are you a writer, a designer, or a photographer? These are all talents that many people love to use as an AirBnB host, but it can be hard to stand out when there are so many options and so many creative people out there. There are plenty of ways to stand out when it comes to Airbnb, and many of them can be done without paying a large price. Identify a niche that you are good at. For instance, if you have a knack for interior design, you can write an article about the best AirBnB refurbishing ideas you can share with the rest of the community. Finding a unique niche is one of the best ways to avoid competition and become a leader in your field.


  1. Take good photos of your place. Filled with thousands of photos and descriptions of local lodging, AirBnB has become an indispensable part of the travel planning process. As travellers read through offerings and scroll through pictures, they are more likely to book a stay if they find a photo that catches their eye. A photo that looks like the home you’ve been dreaming of, with all the amenities you’ve come to expect, is sure to make a lasting impression.


  1. List where your place is located. If you are thinking of running an AirBnB, one of the ways you can make it more unique is by listing where it is located; the fact is that you will want to list the place where your potential guests will be able to find you easily and not get lost in the city. There are many ways how to make your AirBnB more unique, and maybe your guests will appreciate your choice as well.


  1. Try something different with the interior design aspect. It’s no secret that AirBnBs are becoming the new hip way to travel. Whether it’s an extra bedroom or a full apartment, there are countless ways to make your stay more enjoyable. One of the ways to make your stay more unique is by adding neon lighting to the interior of your space. This will bring a certain element of fun and adventure to every room.


  1. Create some new, positive interactions with your guests. ​When you’re running an AirBnB, you likely want to stand out from the crowd and offer something a little different – if for no other reason than to create some new, positive interactions with your guests. Having an extra has a lot of benefits – it brings more people into your home and can even help you get more money for your property. Of course, if you’re a particularly discerning and social, AirBnB host, you’ll likely want to decide to offer more frequently based on what you think your guests would prefer.


  1. Treat it as your business. With AirBnB gaining popularity, the competition to find your place to stay is fierce. To stand out from the crowd, you should consider the benefits of going for a business model. Besides saving you the hassle of being forced to pay your hosts, you can use your newfound business know-how to secure discounts for future stays and make sure you receive the service you deserve.


As many of you know, there are a lot of hosts out there who aren’t very creative with their homes, and that’s a shame. There are many ways to make your AirBnB rental more unique to the guests, and it all starts with the décor. Doing an accent wall or adding a focal piece in your living room shows your guests that they are a part of your home and not just a visitor in it.